Wednesday, August 25, 2010

All of these books..........

(represent)  and encompass all of the books I have read SO FAR (it's only been 10 days) about this blasted thing called cancer. And boy do they make it difficult for you. There are 25 different kinds of breast cancer alone, and when you get staged it's not only 1, 2 or 3 (or 4, uugghh), but it's 2 - a, b or c, and so on. And you don't just get to see 1 doctor, you have to have 5! Then trying to get them all on the same page is not fun (why would anyone in their right mind have a general surgeon with no specialty in breast care lop of their breast, w/o even meeting with an oncologist first!) What has this world come to?
Anyways, as you can see, I'm becoming very educated in the world of cancer.
Today I am going to Grand Rapids and staying with my friend Wendy, while my husband is going to take the kids up to his Grandma's cottage near the SOO. Tomorrow I will be meeting with a multi-specialty team in GR at Spectrum Hospital (with an old friend Jill - thank you Jill!!). They are all going to sit down with us (yes, all 5 doctors) to discuss my "case". They will then meet together to figure out what to do with me, then we will all meet again and they will tell me what their decision is. Then on Friday (in TC) I have a chest x-ray and an MRI, and that will tell them  how close the tumor is to my chest wall, and will help them make the decision to do chemo 1rst, or lop boob off 1rst. Granted, I don't even have an appt. with an oncologist here until Sept. 22, so who is going to be making this decision I have no idea?! I still don't understand the  medical world!
That's all for now - I'll let you know the results of all when I find out! Love, Darci 


  1. Love you Darc, call me if you need anything

  2. I hope it doesn't come to "lopping." Did you read the bit written by Louise Hay who cured herself of cancer w/o lopping? Very inspiring.

  3. Please know you always have people to turn to for help. Good luck in Grand Rapids.

  4. Let me know what you need...Your almost mom wants to help.
    Love you.

  5. Darci, I want to talk with you about yet-another-thing-of-which-you-likely-already-know: the crackpot notions of Hulda Clarke and her view of cancer as co-optation of human RNA by complex, non-human bodily parasites. I observe that you mention utilizing a basic water ionizer, so I know that you have the confidence to do non-blocking things in parallel with other therapies --so I am hopeful that you'll tell me and the world just what you make of it when reading or talking about these other, strange ideas that claim some validity.

    Your charisma first made us love you. Your wit and heart continue to seal the deal. I am on Team Darci, because of the indelible mark you made on my mind, heart and soul when I first delighted in your friendship.