Saturday, August 28, 2010

My next year looks like this:

(In this order) - Mastectomy, chemo, radiation, reconstruction/mastecomy of other breast, then more reconstruction. I wasn't even going to do that but my surgeon said "you're young" and I'm like "I am?? I thought I was old!" It's nice to be called young when you are over 40!
So I went to Spectrum in GR the other day, and LOVED it! My friend Jill came with me (thanks Jill!), and it was a long day (8-3), but well worth it! I must've met with 8 different ppl, and they were all so nice (except for one, who looked at us strangely when we laughed at something)  and accomodating. Jill and I had some catching up to do, so were were laughing nearly the whole time. So, all of my surgeries will be in GR, and the chemo/radiation here in TC.
I sent my husband up to his Grandma's cabin for some much needed time with his family, and he took the kids (yeah!), so I've been w/o a husband or kids for 3 days! I took a 2 hour nap yesterday (so nice.........). My house is quiet, but luckily I've been helping a friend get ready for her dad's birthday party so that's been keeping me busy.
On another note, Quinten has been accepted into the "Ready for 4's" program they have here, which is like a more educational pre-school. He will be going 4 days a week ALL DAY, so that'll help get him ready fro kindergarten (which just went to all day here last year). I'm glad he got into that so he won't be in the same preschool class as Elena. She will be going just a 1/2 day, Tues-Thurs. School starts on the 7th.
I also want to thank my friends who have already so helpful and kind; I've gotten a pedicure (thanks Tami!), a starbucks gift card (thanks Laura!), a journal (thanks Jill!) and an ionizer water bottle (thanks Liese!) And we can't forget the wonderful 4 days at the cabin (thanks Tammy!) I'm also going to pre-thank Liz, who is coming over on Monday to help me organize my basement before the ---- hits the fan! (thanks Liz!)
That's all for now, I will be making my surgery appt. on Monday, so then we can figure out (all of you local ppl) who can help out when/why, etc. and so on. Love to you all,  Darci


  1. when do you get the results of your MRI?

  2. I don't know, there's not really any results for me to see (I wouldn't know what they meant!) - I'll just leave it to the surgeon to interpret them! Will hopefully have surgery date tomorrow! D

  3. Ok, I thought the MRI was to confirm what stage your cancer is, lymph nodes are clear and all that. I figured the doctor would want to tell you that stuff pretty quickly.