Friday, December 31, 2010

Your hospital stay becomes a vacation when........

Yes, I am spending New Years Eve in the hospital (wonder if I'll get champagne?!) My kids got me sick, and a high fever plus low white blood cell count = hospital! Just bad timing actually, if I'd of gotten sick a week prior, I prob. wouldn't be here! But, since I'm here, lets go back to the title and tell you how nice it is:

1) No one is yelling "mommy" every five minutes (or at all!)
2) You make a phone call, they bring you food (any time of the day, as much as you want - and you are  not cooking it!)
3) You can watch the Food Network 24/7 (w/o someone asking to watch Tom and Jerry or Team Umizoomi all the time)
4) You ring a buzzer and they bring you water, warm blankets, popsicles, so on and so forth.
5) People are always asking you how you are and what they can do for you.
6) You don't have to deal with sick kids in the middle of the night (your husband does instead......)
7) You have a mini-kitchen across from your room AND it has a shake machine (like the kind in the restaurants.)
8) I got a free hand and foot massage today (did I mention I'm on the cancer ppl's floor??)
9) Last but not least, I just got up to type this on the computer in the "family room" and the nurse said "no, let me bring you a laptop!" Uhh, ok!

Other than that Elena got sick first, then Quinten(and he is still sick), then it was my turn (my temp keeps going up-down-up-down. I can't go home till in 24 hr's no temp though!)
We had a great Christmas, had friends over for dinner (they smoked the turkey - yum!!). We were going to have ppl over for a crab boil tomorrow, but that's not gonna happen....... maybe we'll do a crab boil superbowl?! 

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a great New Years.......until next time!~

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that you're sick, but at least you're looking at the bright side: uninterrupted adult TV, hand and foot massages, milkshakes on demand -- hell yeah!! Get some rest and feel better soon.