Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And the blizzard came.............

This is actually our back walkway to our garage. See how the snow was ABOVE the snow fence? Lotta good that did! Blizzard warning for two days (wknd), 1 day of school missed, 2 VERY bored kids by Monday!!

This last round went much better. I now start a new drug Taxotere, which I take every three weeks, 4 times. The nausea is supposed to be better (it better be because I'm going to not take my anti-nausea drug anymore (per dr.)), but I'm supposed to get joint pain with this (which I'm used to do). So we'll see!

We are not going to the UP for Christmas this year (as I have Chemo on the 21rst) so the in-laws are coming down to us this coming wknd. We are going to have an early Christmas with them, and then on Christmas we'll be having dinner with friends who decided not to go downstate this year. I'm excited, I get to make two Christmas dinners! (I'm not being sarcastic - I like to cook!) We also decided not to exchange presents this year (except with G'ama and Papa) and instead have asked people to donate to the foundations that have helped me out this past year. The ones I chose are all small, family run (not large corporations) and would appreciate any donation given! Thank you all ahead of time!

My chemo treatments end at the end of March, and of course there will be more treatments to do (possible radiation, hormone therapy, etc.), but I am looking at going to a cancer retreat in the spring. I have found many that are free, and have talked (briefly) with my cancer buddy Nicole about going too, as she will be ending her chemo about the same time.

I'm starting a exercise class for cancer ppl in Jan., and am excited to get moving again. I have switched Elena's preschool to one of the day's I'm doing this, but the other day didn't work for them so (through a website called volunteer spot) I've asked ppl to watch Elena on  Wednesday's while I'm in the class. Thanks ahead of time to those of you helping out!

Last but not least thanks to my friends Carie and Laura who helped me get rid of the rain (on this blog) and get some Christmas  stuff up! I'll also end with a pic. of Elena in her new big girl bed (complete with wall stickers and comforter from IKEA!)

If I don't post before, then everyone have a

          MERRY CHRISTMAS !!

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  1. Hi darci. Just wrote to you on an earlier site through Rons google account. His blog was going to be on how to keep your hair healthy and how to donate hair. I just had foot surgery so am hobbling around. Its been 3 weeks with about 7-9 more weeks to go. My lest foot was full of arthritis and was going off to the right so i had to have it cleaned out and straightened. I had hip replacement on my right hip a couple of years ago, Actually had to have it done twice coz the first one broke. :) and in january I am getting my eyelids fixed because they are really droopy with excess skin and they make it hard to keep my eyes open at times and more difficult to see outof. Sooooooo hope they do a good job and dont make me look like a freak or somethig LOL My insurance will cover that but wont be able to get my eyebrows lifted up coz that is more cosmetic surgery and my insurance wont pay for that lol but hopefully just getting the fat & skin taken out of my lis will make a difference . We will see. Its funny, I never broke a bone or anything and now my body seens=ms to be falling apart lol Anyway Hope i cheered you up a little :) knowing my body is getting beat up LOL Merry Christmas and hope you have a great New Year. Thinking about you Love and peace!