Sunday, May 1, 2011

I lied the last time - NOW spring is here!

Yeah! See the green? (Not on the trees yet.......) And believe it or not, this was just two weeks ago:

We actually had two major "spring storms" in April, both getting a foot to a foot and a half of snow. There is this fine line in the middle of MI - you live north of it, you get snow (in April), you live south, you get rain (like in GR).
Anyways, here is a picture of me with hair:

It's coming in a little grey - but I figure if I spend enough time in the sun this summer it'll just bleach out! I got my first compliment (from a stranger) last week, that made me feel good!

I'm sorry it's been 6 weeks since writing - I've gotten lazy I guess! I did get my ovaries removed a week and 1/2 ago (and have not gone crazy yet!) I saw a naturopathic Dr. and am taking herbs - so I guess they are working! I just started Arimidex and have to take that for 5 years - I know, it's a never ending process!

I have a busy month planned. Next wknd my friend Nicole and I are going to cancer retreat where they teach you how to fly-fish! (And it's free!) While I'm doing that James is going to take the kids to the UP to see his sister and her new baby, who are flying in from CA. At the end of the month two friends and I are driving to Detroit to go to IKEA and Trader Joes. Quinten also starts t-ball this month, and will be graduating from his pre-school. I have both of the kids enrolled in camp 2 mornings a week this summer, and we are planning a camping trip too.
That's all for now - Peace out! Darci

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