Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring is here!

Well, almost. Here are a couple of pic's of my kids in 42 degree weather, playing on the teeter-toter (sp?) The chemo brain is still bad - don't know whether I'm spelling something right or not.
Like I said, spring is (almost) here, and I figured it out tonight when I had 6 kids at my house! I thought I'd never be a stay at home mom, and now I'm that plus some, we always get the neighborhood kids over here! And I love it! My hair is growing back like crazy - but I'll wait until next time to show you. It is coming in grayer than before - but not completely gray.

Nothing else much is new............ I am seeing my Naturopathic Dr. soon though, to figure out what to do with my body when it goes in to menopausal shock! I'll let ya know how that goes, and next time I'll send pic's of  the hair! Until then, Darci

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  1. Hi, it's Val. :) Glad everything is going well. We're sunny and 85 today. I have to make sure all of mine have their sunscreen. The other day Michael looked at Grace and informed me that she had her first sun freckle. Hoo boy... already he's criticizing her facial bleeps. Hopefully that goes away before puberty ha ha ha
    Take care, love you!