Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And on to round 3..........

Although I've heard it's round 4 that will kick my butt (just in time for Turkey day!)

All is well in baldy land, I've been wearing it with pride. And yes, I had a lady approach me on day 1 who told me about her breast cancer 16 years ago, and her recent recurrence with new tumors everywhere. 
THANKS! That's just what I wanted to hear! I have had a lot of compliments, and I figure not that many people are gonna lie, so I must look OK.

The good news is I have made a new friend (my husband doesn't call me a friend slut for nothing!), and she is a fellow chemo goer. We met at the Oncologists office (we are both the only ones (almost) who aren't 80 in the office) We have kids the same age, are both going through chemo (and both hate the same nurse in the office) so it was meant to be from the start.  So here is to Nicole!

Thank you all who have been bringing food, it is very much appreciated. I do want to say that there are a couple of new rules (to make it easier on ya'll). You may bring the food by any time in the afternoon, and I will leave a cooler on the front porch, and it DOES NOT have to be warm! I can warm things up myself (I'm not that far gone!? yet, at least - he he) I hope that makes it easier on everyone.

Thank you all also for the hats and gifts. I've even been making my own hats (1 at least) for myself. I will need them this winter!

Time to bring the kids to school, Peace and love and Happy November to all - Darci

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