Friday, November 5, 2010

Chemo, round 2

So, insomnia again! The good news is that I found out it's due to a steroid I'm taking, the bad news is after two different kinds of sleeping pills, nothing works. Luckily, I only get it (for the most part) while I'm on the steroid (4 days after chemo). I'm gonna ask my doc. if I have to be on it at all. At least I'm getting a lot of crocheting done!

I'm including pic's of two things, our new one eyed cat named Gilbert (now we have two black cats, Girdie and Gilbert), and a pic. of a purse I found at a new resale shop here and it looks like a quilt! I love it!

My hair is supposed to start falling out soon. I';m going to chronicle it and post it here (with pic's). Other than that, (Thanks to Laurie Hebert (organizer) and all of the ppl bringing the food, I now will have meals coming EVERY Friday! Thanks everyone! I'm still open to old mag's, old books, books on CD, etc. You can just drop them at the door.

Another funny thing (and this is due to age, not cancer), is that I keep losing my glasses around the house. I need them to see far away, but now my eyesight is better for seeing up close, so I'm always taking them off and losing them. So, thanks to James' second (or third) cousin (once removed, I think) - Janelle, has introduced me to Etsy, which is a scary website for people with a credit card who  love handmade things. So I ordered 2 old lady beaded glasses holders from this site. One was on clearance and was $2.87!

I'll keep ya updated on any other side effects ('cause I'm sure they'll be so interesting to hear about, ya know!) Peace, love, and get ready for winter! Darci


  1. I'm sorry about the insomnia. I've had it for years, I wish I knew something that would help. Melatonin & half a Benadryl sometimes help(but I was up at 2:30 am last night anyway).

    Be careful - Etsy is addictive! :-) Also, you should check out Regretsy, they post the craziest stuff that people try to sell there. It's good for a laugh, I promise.

  2. Hey Darci, So sorry to hear about your cancer. A friend of Ricks and mine in California just went through getting both her breasts removed but so far so good. It is all so sad. My other best friend in Cal. just found out she has leukemia! After 2 sets of kemo she said shed had enough and wasnt going to go through any more. We have no signs of breast cancer in our family side. My dad died of bone cancer but that wouldnt have aything to do with your genetics and mom had a stroke. I will be sending out prayer s=for you and your family! How old are you now? well believe it or not, and thats ok if you dont believe it, 'coz I hardly believe it myself but on December 31st I will turn the BIG 6. 0. yep you heard it right, 60, I know, idont know where all the years went :) Your little girl looks just like you except for the brown curly hair 'coz you had blone curly hair! :) My oldest daughter turned 31 in Sept. My second daughter will be 28 on Dec 20th and my handsome son is 26. Hang in there Darci and i'll talk to you soon. Think I signed in with my partners e-mail. oh well. He was going to do a blog or he was thinking about doing a blog but never did a blog. You can see my oldest daughter tara on you tube doing her crazy things. thegirlfromkalamazoo love ya karen kay