Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This design is perfect ............

as it is 40 and raining right now! I'm having problems with my template on this thing, if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! I don't want to look at the rain forever!

Round 4 is Thursday, and I'm a bit trepadacious about it - didn't have a good time after round 3 (which is why I haven't written.) It took a couple days (and lasted 4-5) but I had a weird side effect. I felt (it's hard to explain): drugged, out of body, not right in the head (he he!!),unbalanced, etc. I didn't like it, and the only way to not feel like that was to lay down. Yeah, right - with two kids under 5. Luckily it went away, but I don't want to do that again. On top of that; fatigued, irritable, hearing sensitivity, chemo brain, acky belly, so on and so forth.

James is out of town so the kids and I are getting a tree and putting up Christmas decorations while he's gone (bah humbug!) The kids have finally succumbed to getting a cold, I'm doing my best to not get it. For Thanksgiving we went to my sisters in Holland, then stayed at a hotel in GR (with a pool so the kids could swim). They really enjoyed that. Above are pic's of my latest hair "cut" (Thanks Laura!!) and the kids at the pool. Until next time, Darci


  1. I love you Darci, praying for strength and comfort over the weekend.

  2. Hugs Darci....you are so amazing!
    Here are some resources for free blog backgrounds that you can do yourself.
    Email me if you have questions. It just takes some time to mess with them a bit.
    Sending you love & light as you begin round 4.