Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The insomnia is gone!

I saw 2:30 (am), 3:30 and 4:00, but now I'm back to normal! We got our Direct TV, and I never got sick, so I'm quite content right now.
I thought I would update everyone since I was getting lots of phone calls (as to how I was). Not sick yet! They make some pretty good anti-nausea meds out there! I'm feeling somewhat of an aversion to food. I still have an appetite, but nothing sounds/tastes good. Still have hair (I'm patiently waiting to not have to shave underarms/legs for a while!) I have to get some more lymph fluid removed tomorrow. It still likes to accumulate underneath my missing breast (no where else to go?!) Hopefully this will not remain a weekly occurrence. I've been told my white blood cells will bottom out this wknd (I get out of trick or treating!!), so no being near ppl. Everyone here seems to be sick, too, so I think we may just do our own neighborhood (small), then come home to  pass out stuff. I have to go in on TH. to get my blood count done.
My in-laws are coming this wknd - they are gonna take the kids to some Halloween events. That's about it! Everyone have a fun Halloween wknd!  Here is a fun Halloween video to watch:
http://ak.imgag.com/imgag/ product/preview/flash/ bws8Shell.swf?ihost=http://ak. imgag.com/imgag&brandldrPath=/ product/full/el/&cardNum=/ product/full/ap/3125133/ graphic1

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