Saturday, October 2, 2010

The port is now out........

The pain was so intense I made the poor radiology doctor on call come in today. They did an x-ray, unstitched it, said it looked fine. Their fine, to me, was what felt like a pair of pliers twisting my nerve endings under the port. On top of that, as they were removing it they didn't realize that my skin had started to grow around it already. They pulled, I screamed, they jumped, and it took 4 more numbing shots and 5 minutes of the nurse talking me down before i could stop shaking (and bawling.) They said to call back on Monday to talk about putting another port in. I DON"T THINK SO!!
On top of that, due to all of this I canceled my appt. with my surgeon in GR on Monday to remove the last drain, and she said to have someone up here do it. They (up here) said I'm still putting out to much lymph fluid to remove it. My surgeon said if it doesn't come out on Monday there is a huge chance of infection (due to the fact that it's been in there 3 weeks. ) I'm tempted to take the d---n thing out myself.
Until the next time (and hopefully it'll be more positive................) Darci

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  1. Oh No! I'm so sorry Darci. Ports can definitely be tender the first couple of days after placement. But yeah, it shouldn't hurt that bad. They are so wonderful when they work much better than getting poked all the time.
    I'm sorry you had such an awful experience having it removed :*(
    Please don't feel bad about calling Lisa to hear her thoughts about your drain and also your care team.