Friday, October 1, 2010

And I thought the drains were a pain...........

Then I got this d-----n port put in! They told me 2 tylenol would suffice........ 3 vicodin later, I'm still in pain (no, not all at the same time!).
Lots of new stuff to report.
1) A girl I've never met (but who reads my blog) mailed me a gift yesterday. People's generosity still continues to amaze me. On top of that,not only did my friend Carie send me a camera (also from mystery ppl), but a VERY NICE CANON. I still have to figure out how to work it though...........
2) What was thought old blood coming through my drains turns out to be lymph fluid, which really concerns me about the TC Hospital, since 2 nurses and 1 ER doc. told me it was blood. They don't know the difference?! SCARY!! I had a drain removed last Monday (and spent a couple of relaxing days at Barb and Chucks). The only problem is there is still a lot of lymph fluid coming from the 2nd drain (I guess that happens when you remove forty f----g two lymph nodes!) so there is a chance that when we remove the 2nd drain, it will still accumulate in my chest and I'll have to have it aspirated. NICE. Also (just to let you know), nothing stinks more than lymph fluid. I thought cooked beets were bad, now it's lymph fluid. UGGHH....
3) I switched my chemo days to Thursday's (when the kids are in school), so I will start next TH., Oct. 7.
4) My husband will be out of town for my first two chemo treatments. Need I say more?
5) My naturopathic Dr. seems to think I won't need to remove my ovaries in order to take another drug. We'll see. I saw him yesterday, discussed stuff, and he sent me home with lots of herbs. I now have to take 11 pills a day and 45 drops of ackky tasting stuff, to help me with the chemo.
I think that's it. I have to go get an echo somethingorother thing done now. Until next time, Darci (peace out!)

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