Sunday, October 10, 2010

You know you (are me) and having a bad day when:

Your chest has about 4 oz. of lymph fluid collecting in it, so you 1) call Dr. in GR, she tells you to go to ER. 2) Talk to neighbor, who says go to walk in clinic, 3) Call nurse navigator here, who also said go to ER. I called walk in clinic, they said they didn't do that there. I then go to the ER, they get me in a room, and the Dr. says "We can't do that here!" So he called the on-call surgeon, who REFUSED to come in (due to territorial issues.) Need I remind these ppl that I have CANCER and to get over their passing the buck and territorial issues? Now I have to find a surgeon up here, (obviously NOT the guy who refused to come in to see me) because NO ONE ELSE will remove my lymph fluid. (Or else I have to drive 2 1/2 hours to have my surgeon do a 30 second procedure). I'm getting VERY FRUSTRATED with the medical system up here! Today sucked (except now I'm drinking a beer and am about to make a very good dinner. Then I will finish a good movie, and go to bed with a good book. So my day will end well (smiley face.................). Darci



  2. Sorry Darci, so not fun. Sounds like a punching bag might be a good gift for you, or something more portable like a stretch armstrong, lol. Do they even make those anymore? You're in my thoughts and prayers, as well as those doctors.