Thursday, October 14, 2010

Surgeon update............

Ok, I take my words back, the surgeon I am going to see (today) IS the surgeon who would not come in to the ER to see me. This is for a couple of reasons; 1) a nurse at my Dr's office called the other group of surgeons here in TC and they refused to see me too (amazing, isn't it?), due to the fact that I had a consult with one of their surgeons in the beginning and didn't hire him because he was an ASS. 2) So, my husband, as pissed off as I was, called Dr. Kam (the one who refused to come in), explained the situation, and now I have an appt. today. It was all a "misunderstanding". Don't ya love it?

I ended up going in to the hospital to have my lymph fluid removed from my chest (I would've had to go down to GR, but my surgeon in GR was out of town this week!). They removed almost 100 cc's of fluid, (about 3 1/2 oz., so I wasn't off by much). And I'm glad I have an appt. with a surgeon today because there is already more collecting............

Now the port issue. The nice Radiologist who removed my fluid the other day said the port incision didn't look like it was ready to be cut into again yet, so we rescheduled for next Monday, which is fine with me because if I did it this week, the Dr. who tore it out of me would've been the one to reinstall it (NOT!) We'll see what the surgeon has to say about that too. I guess the issue is that I'm so skinny (funny) in my chest area that there is no fat to surround the port (making it sit on a nerve.) We'll see about that on Monday.

One last thing, a friend who I used to be in a book club with (and who also married my husband's friend's (from Esky) brother) offered to help bring meals, etc., so if anyone wants to help in any way, call or email her (Laurie Hebert), 231-633-0736 or: Thank you, Laurie - YOU ROCK! Peace, D

OOPS - almost forgot, we used our free meal at the Cooks House for our anniversary dinner last night, it was SO GOOD! Everything was local, down to the honey that came with my cheese plate! Thanks Eric!

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  1. Speaking of Dr. reviews:

    It would help other skinny ladies and hopefully it will sit on his (and other doctors who behave this way) nerves.

    Thank you for the wonderful salsa/bean soup.

    Glad you had a good meal/beverage(s) to take the day's edge off.