Sunday, September 26, 2010

The latest news......

I am so sick of these drains, and that's all I'm gonna say about that.
I met my Oncologist last Wednesday, and we are on the same page regarding (me also using) the Naturopathic Dr.,and he laughed at my jokes, so I told him he was hired. I also like him because he brought up a new thought for me. There is a drug that most women have to take for Hormonal Therapy (because we have not been through menopause yet.) I informed the Dr. I did not want to take this drug due to the (very bad) side effects and asked him what else I could take (or do). He said that a lot of women in Europe have their ovaries removed, forcing menopause, then there are any # of drugs that you can take (for Hormonal Therapy), that have a lot less side effects. So I think I will do this.
For a time line, this is the plan: I have to wait until I have the drains removed (these are causing me some issues) and a port installed, then I'm set to go. My cousin Jennifer is getting married October 16 and I want to be there, so I'm looking at starting Chemo Friday, Oct. 8th. Unfortunately, James will be out of town three times (October alone), but we have a neighbor girl I can hire to watch the kids if I get too tired, etc. So a total of 20 weeks of chemo (8 on two drugs and 12 on 1 other). Then radiation. Then ovary removal. Then hormonal therapy. After a year (or so), my life should be back to normal. No one is keeping me from the beach next summer! 
I've started thanking people with cards, so I don't use up so much space here, but a (last) big THANKS to my friend Nicole's mom who made me a lap quilt to bring with me to Chemo! Thanks Mrs. Gilbert!!
One other thing I wanted to clear up. I guess I didn't make myself clear as to where I actually was the night before surgery when I was cooking and baking and organizing cupboards. I was at the Hospitality House in GR, which is attached to the hospital, and that's where James stayed while I was in the hospital. On an ending note, here is a pic. of my kids on (Elena's) first day of school. Until next time, Darci
ps - as ppl keep buying things off my wish list, I've been deleting them and adding more!!
pss - forgot to say that my "permanent" numbing was pre-empted, I have more feeling back, but the feeling HURTS!! (at least it feels something!!)

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