Saturday, September 4, 2010

An amazing person (who happens to be a Chef in this city)................

whose name is Eric Patterson, was kind enough to give me a gift certificate to his restaurant, The Cooks' House. Here is his (and co-chef Jennifer's) bio's:
Biographies of the Authors:
Eric Patterson is current co-owner of The Cooks’ House in Traverse City. Patterson spent much of the past fifteen years at Andre's, Las Vegas' Michelin-starred French restaurant, including a three-year apprenticeship under the legendary Andre Rochat. At the end of his Vegas tenure, Patterson was Andre's head chef. He currently lives in Traverse City with his wife Theresa and their three sons. Eric is a sub-deacon in the Greek Archdiocese.
Jennifer Blakeslee is current co-owner of The Cooks’ House in Traverse City. She is a Traverse City native and culinary school graduate from the prestigious Johnson & Wales University. Blakeslee addressed her travel itch by taking chef positions in Italy and Mexico earlier in her career. She spent three years working at the Michelin-starred Las Vegas restaurant, Andre's, with Eric Patterson, her current business partner. She lives in Traverse City with her daughter Abbie.

I emailed him asking about putting a gift certificate to his restaurant on my "wish list" (on this blog), explaining why, and he was so nice to respond with a dinner for two (a seven course dinner, that is!) Eric, YOU ROCK!! Their book is shown to the right, and by clicking on it you will be taken to their website.

That reminds me, (because so many ppl have been asking what they can do to help), I now have a wish list for those who want to do something for me but live far away. (Those of you that live close are cooking for me and watching my kids - HA!). It's located on the right side of the blog. That's all for now - surgery is 10 days and counting. Peace, Darci

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  1. Darci, if you don't have someone for your hair, I'd love to do whatever I can for you. Call me, and you can just come in whenever is convenient for just want a shampoo or whatever. I'm there :) Grace Salon 941-1973 Cell 409-4347