Thursday, September 9, 2010

And the kids are back in school........

It was a lot easier than I thought, they just said "bye!". Elena did cry on and off through the morning, so we'll see how she does today. What did I do while they were in school - you say? I fall cleaned and moved my bedroom around. Today I'm doing the windows and all baseboards. It seems to have gone from a 92 degree summer to a 60 degree fall overnight (at least over a week!), so I have lots of time to be inside cleaning! (vs outside watching the kids).
One other thing is I had an appt. with a naturopathic doctor yesterday. For those of you (which will be most of you, including me until 3 days ago), who don't know what this is:

 I have to fill out a 2 week diary of what I eat, a 14 page questionnaire, and he has to read all of my medical stuff. Then he figures out what  millions of herbs and supplements I have to take. What joy! He will also help me be (rhetorical, I know) be drug free during chemo. I'm excited to take this new healthy journey!

Everyone is still asking what they can do. Well, do what you do best! If you like to cook, so be it. If you like to watch my kids, then do so! If you like to buy me new flannel sheets, then go for it! I have taken most of the medical items off of my wish list - most of them are covered by my insurance (thanks to Kristin, who pointed that out!)

Last but not least, my thank you's. To Aunt Jo -Jo, who sent me a large bag of Essiac Tea (anti-cancer fighting tea) and to Amy, my nurse navigator in GR, who got me a post surgery camisole (it has special pockets and such) for free!! Thank you both!!    

5 days and counting until surgery. Then I'll be one boob less.  D

An update - my long lost friend Sonya, whom I found again living in TC, just paid for my visit to the Natruropathist! YOU ROCK,  SONYA!! Thank you!!

Naturopathic Doctors are general medical practitioners trained in family practice with a specialty in natural medicine who treat disease and restore health. In practice, the licensed Naturopathic Doctor has the ability to perform physiological examinations, laboratory testing, nutritional and dietary assessment, blood based allergy testing, and other clinical and physical diagnostic testing.
Naturopathic treatments may include:

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  1. Darci, I'm really excited about this Naturopathic thing--I really believe that it will be an essential part of your treatment plan. Can't wait to talk more about it with you when we get there Sun. Let me know if there is anything you need me to bring down (besides the sleeping bags).
    Love, Marilyn