Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You know it's the night before your surgery when:

it's 12:30 am and you are wide awake. And you know you are me because you are already talking recipes with the night staff (at the Renucci house) and just printed off a copy of your favorite Butternut Squash Bisque for her.
We had a good dinner at Olive's in EGR, and I was asleep by 9pm (didn't sleep last night either).

I saw my surgeon today and learned something new. She was very nice, showing me all of my MRI reports, and then proceded to do an ultrasound of my left breast. She was measuring the tumors, and repeating the lengths to a nurse who was typing them into a computer. She got to the third, and I said "are you re-measuring the 1rst tumor?" She said no, this is the third." I said "how many are there?" She said "SIX". (I thought there were 2!) Then i said "do most ppl have this many tumors?" and she said "no, but this makes you UNIQUE." So now I'm unique, but I don't really think that's a good thing in this case?!?!

I'm going to go and find some more recipes for my new 3rd shift friend - I'll have plenty of time to sleep tomorrow!! James will post after my surgery. Peace and love, Darci

NEW POST: it's 3 am, and you know you are me when you (still) can't sleep so what do you do? COOK! I made chicken noodle soup and have blueberry struesel muffins in the oven. I've already started organizing the pantry too! One of the other ppl staying here has already called me a saint (a saint with 6 tumors in her left breast, but that's only for 7 more hours!) D


  1. James, I don't know what hospital. Tell Darci I love her and I will try to find her.
    Love to you also.

  2. Okay, the 3am post made me smile. Hope everything went well with your surgery today!

  3. Darci,
    prayers to you and James....I have watching the kids playing in the back ...they are doing great..happy as always...take care of eachother...love ya

  4. Darci, Blessings...and more. Praying all went well today. I know James will keep all of us posted. Grateful you have such wonderful and beautiful help. Had no idea you are such a talented and creative cook AND organizer to boot! RJ sends love from Above... Nearly grateful he is not here @ this time to worry about you. Love to you

  5. Darci, I am thinking of you and making prayers. You're so strong and bright that I know that you will prevail. I am going to scan the book I mentioned to you, and then perhaps send you a copy of it, if that is okay. Love to you.