Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beautiful, unexpected things keep happening...........

An old friend from high school just sent me this email:

Carie Bush Frabotta September 17 at 7:08pm
Hi Darci,
I can't believe it! One of the parents from Gabbi's school was touched by your story. Her husband is a Radiologist and they wanted to give you one of their camera's.
It is a Canon EOS 20D. It is a great camera and will work well for what you are looking for! It is a few years old, but I checked it out and it seems to be working well.
I will get it in the mail to you ASAP :)
Also, if you receive a curious gift from an unnamed source that would be me...I sent you a "T" and there was no where for me to put a note..LOL!!!
I'll let you know when I ship this out and how long it should take to get to you!!
Hope you are doing well and feeling a little less pain than from the other day. Aren't those drains a lovely thing to deal with? Yuck.
Sending you lots of healing karma & love!
♥ Carie

What else can I say but wow, there are some pretty beautiful people in this world. Thank You!

I was going to start this post with "You know you are having a bad day when:", (but I had to post the good stuff first, so)......... when you are pulling so hard on your drain tube (to get the big fat blood clot out) that your drain bulb pulls away and you spray blood all over your bathroom sink/walls/mirror. Then you remember that blood stains to you run to get the 409, but by the time you are done wiping up the blood you also realize you forgot to put the bulb back on the tube so now you have blood running down your leg and all over the floor. This is now my life!! (he he)

I have received many gifts over the past couple of days and a big! THANKS - YOU ROCK! Laura H. - Cinnamon Tea and a homemade pot pie, Laura W. - 4 free months of Netflix (I have all of last season's Grey's Anatomy to catch up on), a Crazy Sexy Cancer Goddess T-shirt from Carrie (and the camera!!), a box of lemon verbana soap, lavender lotion, chocolates and at least 50 barf bags (from a real plane - she is a flight attendant and I personally requested them) from Lisa, and 3 pints of Moomers ice cream from Shannon! Last, but not least is a big HURRAH to my in-laws for spending 6 days here with my kids, while I was in the hospital. They also bought food, took them to Old McDonalds (a big treat), took them on hikes, etc. I don't know what I would've done with out them (or let me say my friends here in TC would've been awfully busy ppl!!) Thanks Jim and Marilyn!!

I totally forgot to thank a couple of more people - first, my in-laws won me (in a drawing) a 50-  gift card to Oryana (our local health food store), and 2, Sonya sent me s head cover and shampoo (for my sensitive bald head, when it becomes bald, that is........)  Thanks!!!


  1. Going strong, girl! Love you and your progress! Val Ennist
    PS, I couldn't figure (until now) how to post comments. Hoo boy,

  2. Hey D, You know How much I love and pray for you.....Maija