Sunday, September 12, 2010

Two days and counting.....................

But at least we got a beach day today! (I think it will be the last). This morning my friend Tami and I took the kids to "Pancakes with Pirates". There was a maritime boat expo thingy dwtn, and this was part of it. The kids really enjoyed themselves. Gama and Papa are on their way here now, and my friend Laura H. is taking me out to dinner tonight (Thanks ahead of time!!). We are off to GR tomorrow. James will post here on Tuesday as to the results of my surgery - everyone just pray for NO CANCER IN THE LYMPH NODES!! I will be home Wed. or Thurs.
I have three people to thank this time -1) Amy, my nurse navigator in GR found me a (post-op.) camisole (not the pretty kind, it has 2 bags for drain bulbs on the inside) FOR FREE! 2) My friend Tami did not want me to get stinky wearing one camisole day after day so she bought me another one! and 3) My friend Jarka brought over a lemon meringue pie (for the in-laws, but it's 1/2 gone already) and some cool, kinetic go green type of tupperware. Just in time for me to put all of my RAW food in! Peace! Darci

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