Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Update on Surgery

Darci met with her operating surgeon this morning and we learned some positive things, particularly after getting the rather alarming news that there were six tumors on her left breast. According to the surgeon's preliminary post-operative observations, she believes that she got all of the cancer out, and that Darci is at stage 2. This of course is subject to further laboratory analysis of Darci's removed lymph nodes. Once all of the lab work has been evaluated, we will know what needs to be done next, and just how far the cancer has spread. Apart from these clinical observations, Darci is doing very well. Her nurses are commenting on how quickly she has bounced back from the operation. She is staying positive, and the effects of all of the sedative drugs have completely worn off. We are expecting to check out of the hospital tomorrow (Thursday). Please keep Darci in your prayers, and thank you to everybody who has helped us during this difficult time.



  1. Loving you Darci and praying for your complete healing. You're a rock and we miss you. Seattle Konk's

  2. Praying for you Darci!


  3. Darci, ....remember if God brings you to it...he will bring you through it!

    have a safe trip home...I am sure you are ready to be home with your wonderful kids...I am a stone throw, suzy